6 Of The Best Butt Exercises You May Not Have Tried Before


One part of our body that men and women gaze alike in fantasy is the tushy! And yet, that seems to be one area where we work out the least. Not from a dearth of exercises, for there are many, but from this notion that it takes long for any improvement to come. Well, working out is a complex process and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Glutes are extremely important for your body, for apart from giving you a shapely figure, it also maintains balance in the body. In fact, the entire lower portion of your body is best suited for balance and motor movement.

Also, most of us don’t want to go to a gym due to lack of time and several other reasons. But the glute exercises don’t need weights or designated space. All it needs is a mat and your body.

Here are 6 exercises which you should be doing if you want that coveted and shapely butt!

Glute Bridge

Lie down on your back with your hands beside your hips. Now, slowly pull your knees up at a 90 degree, after which you slowly raise the upper half of your body, contracting your glutes as you raise it. Don’t use your hands to physically push you upward, for that negates the work. Slowly lower yourself to a resting position. Try this out for 3 sets of 15 repetitions each.

Glute Kickbacks

For this, lie down on the floor in a kneeling plank position. Now, raise your right leg until your hamstring is aligned to your spine. While raising it, don’t forget to contract your glutes. Hold that position for 5 seconds and then bring it back down, slowly. Repeat this for 3 sets of 15.

Goblet Squats

This is similar to a normal squat, only with the inclusion of a weight kettle. For the uninformed, all you need to do is hold the kettle close to your chest, while you keep your feet shoulder width apart. Now, slowly sit down, not completely, until your hamstrings are aligned to your glutes. Keep your elbows, along with that dumbbell, towards the inside of your knees. Then stand up and stand straight. Repeat this for 3 sets of 15.


Stand straight, with your feet shoulder width apart. Now, bring one of your feet forward, as much as you can, while keeping your hamstring aligned to your gut and your back straight. Your other leg should be straight, kept unmoved by your toes. Try to lean into it, without exerting back problems. Then, slowly move back into the initial position. Try this for 3 sets of 20 each.

Wall Squats/ Sits

One of the simplest of all exercises, just stand with your back towards the wall and squat. Now, instead of going right back up, hold that squat position for as long as you can. For beginners, try 45 seconds.

Hamstring Curls

If you have a hamstring curl machine at hand, then excellent. If not, then you can replace that with a dumbbell between your ankles, but make sure that the dumbbell doesn’t fall. Lie down on your stomach, hands facing forward, and slowly bend your knees, until your heel touches your glutes. Don’t do this fast or the dumbbell might fall off. Make every moment count. Then, slowly reach back to starting position. Make sure your upper torso touches the ground at all times, otherwise you might risk a cramp or worse.

So, why don’t you go out there and build yourself some firm and taut derriere? For that’s what you are working out for, isn’t it?