Grow Your Avocado Tree At Home In A Pot


Avocados are everywhere these days and this unique fruit has a reputation for being high in healthy fats, beneficial for our heart. Studies have confirmed its numerous health benefits. Avocados are part of most recipes in multiple restaurants now for its great flavor and rich texture. This superfruit has a high nutrient value and contains Vitamins like K, C, B5, B6, and E. It also contains significant quantities of potassium and small amounts of magnesium, copper, manganese, iron, and zinc. And you can now grow the avocado tree at home in a pot or container.

A Tree Of Your Own

As people get to know about its multiple benefits, avocados cost 25% more with a rise in demand in these past 2 years. And now you can grow this superfruit in all its freshness and organic purity and save some money in the process. We are there to help you in your endeavor. And do not be put off by the idea of growing a “tree” as this is a small tree that can be grown in a pot and is easy to maintain.

Do it right and devote a little time and love to its care, and be rewarded with an abundant supply of fresh and organic avocadoes. Read on and get rewarded.

Growing The Tree At Home

Take a seed from a ripe avocado, thoroughly clean, and then dry it. Be sure to plant it the right side up. Stick 4 toothpicks halfway down from the top into the seed at equal distance. Put the seed in a glass of water. The seed should be immersed half an inch in water, supported by the toothpicks.

Give it plenty of warmth and sunlight. The avocado plant will start growing within two weeks and the process should take another 4 weeks. The roots should have grown to around 6 inches by then. Cut its stem down to 3 inches and when the leaves start growing, also cut them to the same length. It is ready when they again reach 6 inches, and you can plant it.

For The Plant

A large container or pot should do for the plant. Take one that is around  10 inches across with a hole at the bottom. Fill it with nutrient-rich soil and plant the tree in the middle of the pot without going too deep. Water the plant regularly and ensure that the soil always stays moist but never immersed in water.

The tree isn’t getting sufficient water if the leaves become brown. If that should happen, let some water pass through the pot.

On the other hand, if the leaves turn yellow and begin to droop, it indicates excess water. Make sure the hole at the bottom isn’t blocked and do not add water for at least two days, but the soil should remain moist.

Celebrate Your Little Avocado Tree

Take care and give it just the right amount of water. Keep an eye on the leaves. A few years later, a fully grown avocado tree will reap the first batch of the most incredible organic harvest of raw avocado. Nothing like a bowl of fresh avocados plucked from a tree that was planted and nourished by you.