Why Do We Feel So Tired And Sluggish: It Could Be These 6 Reasons


Ever had that perception of having been stretched too much, that feeling like a bit of butter scraped over too much bread? You have an unquenchable thirst for rest but can’t, even sleep seems to desert you. You are so tired that you can’t figure out the cause but it could be one of these following reasons.

You Are Either Exercising Too Much Or Not At All

The latter part seems a bit perplexing but this is how it goes. You lose your fitness and you fail to maintain a peak level of physical activity. You slide downhill and each day causes further loss of your fitness level. Your physical conditioning gets worse each day.

Go for a simple routine of exercise. Just 15 minutes of HIIT workout or even a simple groove that fits into your schedule and ability. This quarter of an hour will perhaps be the most well-spent minutes of your day.

But if are overworked and overwrought mentally and physically, it is natural that you will find it difficult to be alert for long.

Nasal Obstruction

Allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, is an allergic overreaction to specific allergens in the air. Pollen, mold, dust mites are the most common allergens. If you are in the grip of such an allergy, it will disturb your sleep and leave you feeling tired all day. Some over-the-counter drugs are effective but consult a doctor to isolate the actual cause and find a permanent solution.

Extreme Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a complicated disorder marked by intense fatigue, a fuzzy memory and lack of concentration, sore throat, headache, and bouts of severe exhaustion that can last for more than a day. Rest does not help in this case and it generally seems there is no obvious latent medical condition. See a doctor to go to the root of the cause.

Blood Deficiency

This is the decrease in the ability of the blood to carry oxygen caused by the decrease of red blood cells. The symptoms are often vague and may include weakness and extreme tiredness. There are often other underlying causes.

Anemia can be treated by taking supplements, a change in diet, and medications as prescribed by the doctor.

Sleeping Disorder

Sleep apnea is the most common disorder related to sleep and affects 3-7% of the population. It is caused by narrow airways that obstruct breathing. This causes a reduction in the oxygen level in the body and disruption in the normal sleep cycle. Snoring loudly, low energy, and fatigue are some of the visible symptoms. A continuous air pressure mask (CPAP) helps but is uncomfortable to wear. It keeps the airways open. The doctor might also recommend surgery to remove any tissues blocking your air passage.

Low Thyroid Gland Activity

The cause of hypothyroidism is an inactive thyroid gland. This slows the metabolism of the body and makes you extremely tired all through the day.

Medication that replenishes the thyroid hormone is usually prescribed by the doctor and relief is noticed within six months.

Give Your Body The Care It Deserves

Most of these symptoms are hard to detect and the onset is mostly gradual. Be aware of the signals from your body. Set aside some time for yourself each day to exercise and eat right. Do not miss your sleep. These are all factors that ultimately decide your energy level throughout the day.